Our names are Assel Altayeva and Nick Bohler, and we are owners of Elemental Roasting Company! We take green coffee beans and roast them to perfection just for you! Together we have had over 7 years of coffee industry experience. We decided to create Elemental Roasting Company because we want to share our love for coffee! 

About 2 years ago we invested into a home coffee roaster to produce and make coffee for friends and family. We soon realized that coffee is our passion and decided to take it to the next level and open up a Coffee Roastery. Elemental Roasting Company was born from the idea of combining elements and love to craft a delicious cup of coffee. 

Every order placed is freshly roasted on demand! We invite you to browse through our coffee selections and blends available. We also have subscription options for those wanting to get more caffeine boost weekly or monthly! We even have a sample subscription box for those wanting to try a new coffee every time! Thank you for supporting us through this journey!

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Our Coffee Roaster Used To Freshly Roast All of Our Coffee
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