African Coffee Beans

African Beans

Ethiopia is home to thousands of wild coffee plants. In Ethiopia they have been using coffee plants for over a 1000 years! Africa is known for the birthplace of coffee for this reason. Beans from the countries in Africa can produce a wide variety cups and flavors.

Freshly Roasted African Coffee Beans 


At Elemental Roasting Company, we understand the importance of having a good blend of coffee stocked in the kitchen cabinet—that is why we sell freshly roasted African coffee beans. We get our Ethiopian coffee beans directly from suppliers in Africa and freshly roast them to perfection in Salisbury, Maryland.  

All of our Ethiopian coffee beans for sale are made to order; this ensures freshness and the best quality for our customers. Our flavorful coffee beans are available as whole beans, or they can be ground to accommodate various coffee machines. Browse our website to learn more about the flavors of each African blend.  

Please send us a message via the chat box if you have any questions about our freshly roasted African coffee beans.